Excellence Management


In the present scenario of quick changes from recession to growth and vice versa, the people in the system of management have to learn many things. The achievement of goals both short term and long term are the activities of a concern. But, the people in the concern have no scope in development apart from monetary benefits. They have to develop excellence and it will be give them a fulfillment in working place. At present, many people are portrait the same concept. Focus minded and excellences are the things needed for matured growth. Monetary benefits will not be a constraint for focus minded person.


In India, the people are working hard to have a peaceful life on that day and need money to live the day or month or year. Now, the trend is changed. People especially in corporate sectors (who are contributing major portion of Indian GDP ) like to live as a mentor for his/her followers. We can say Mr. Narayana murthy of Infosys as an example.


Actor Karthi ( Brother of Actor Surya ), tamil actor who is young and growing in his career said in a radio programme that excel in our career is the main thing. I don’t know how the growing actor in the industry have this mind set as the competition and grace is more in which people normally like to be famous in short future and earn more money.


I have seen “ THREE IDIOTS “ movie by Aamir khan in which the same concept is portraited. See the file attached to know more.



Now, what is the process to be excel?  To answer this question I have drafted the flow as below. The person in any field, business and in life, how to be excel



•Learn •Implement •Set  optimum limits •Achieve above limit •Find Scopes

Simplicity is way of life and Indian culture highly stresses on simple living and high thinking, and this is the way of life: ‘Legs down to earth and eyes looking beyond the sky. 

Even in love, innocent may be fun at short times, but excellence will lead the main role. Now people in all rural areas majorly are innocent. The warm welcome, treatment of guests, social gatherings are good and liked by us. Though innocence is there, people with focus, high thinking and excellence will lead the people in rural area. They will not show that they are brilliant or superior to everybody. It happens as it is. The people surrounded by them will know the characters and start to praise them.

Born as a poor is not the constraint, but finish the live as nothing is not good for human being. It may be said as cultural development. Thus excellence management is not for career it is for your life. Think about it and do it now onwards i.e., Excellence management.

Vinoth Kumar. G

GST on the way to India

Today 07.01.2010, I gone for a seminar on GST. Finally, India also on the way to Centralised taxation system. Hope it will be from next April.

Two of top government officials in the revenue department given highlights. GST will be implemented after the government officials have a full fledged computerized system. I hope the the lorry drivers are no need to stand in checkpost in each state borders. Exporters can get duty drawback within seven days from the date of shipment.

Some positive points got now are
• Automated Computer System in greeted by people outside country.
• In Singapore, People like the this system.
• Risk management system is taken by the Government.
• ACS – Automated computer system is Rs.600 crores project.
• A Chief mentor Mr.Arundas of CII in Singapore said “well respected system is Indian Customs system” – Please realize that the people says only after seen many countries infrastructure and systems.
• Hope the interstate disputes will not be there.
• In Singapore port, the trucks will be out of the port within short period of time. It shows have good system for clearance.
• Single return system will be implemented
• Central and State Government will have to co-ordinate
• In Singapore, all work & service are covered under GST
• In India, cost of collection is 0.6%

I don’t know why India is not so aggressive in the system for administration and revenue. There is no wide thinking in top level and broad mind for accepting the change in system. The slow growing countries implemented the GST some years earlier, but in growing countries like India, there is no streamlined growth in implementation of system cycle . The finance system  worked as and when situation. Now work as when requirement arises. The mind set is not changed for planned output.

Hope, this will be changed by smart and young people in short future. The seeds are already planted in all over country.