Interviews in now a days – Evaluation of the person or Observing other companies working styles

As we have exposure in the field (sometimes that also be a doubt whether we have updated knowledge) , we like to grow and likes to switchover due to personal reasons or for betterment in knowledge/earnings. Now, the various MNCs are there and working style,culture in the company is very much different from company to company. They interviewers are very much keen on looking experienced candidates who are opt for their culture. But, in most of the Indian companies having different setup in office structure and will not be opt for a systematic culture which followed in major MNCs.

Now two things are happening.

  1. The interviewers in small companies / companies in two or three tier cities observe the candidates who are from MNC’s for their systems, working style, hierarchy and they are indirectly get some points from each candidate for their self improvement and to develop company working pattern.
  2. The expectation of candidates in small companies / companies in two or three tier cities is more both in working style and earnings.

The working culture in small companies / companies in two or three tier cities is very much different than MNCs (Not all). The work in small companies is time driven and as and when required. Because all the working requirements will not be available for them. Even to have a pen or pencil they have wait for a day or have to go to outside office. The infrastructure is not sufficient sometime. They major things are

  1. Convenient Seating
  2. Systems – Computer, UPS
  3. Printing
  4. Mailing option
  5. Good pantry
  6. Fax, Photocopy machine
  7. Mobile, telephone
  8. Easy transport facilities
  9. Food & beverages accessibility
  10. Good rest room


As the people spend more than 10-12 hours a day in an office at present (including travel time), the expectations & requirements are more now. The infrastructure not only for one employee it is needed for all.


Even working in good system is a dream for all youngsters and they feel secure and respected by others. They feel correctly placed when they are inside a good working culture. Insecure feelings started once there is no scope for the person to express his new thoughts and implement his innovative works. It may be small or big in value, but respected and implemented is a good worth. The worth is equal to one crore ESOP to the person.

The company with old working culture has to change their mindsets. For that, people in Middle management have to mingle with the people in cities/MNCs. There are various forums available now and spending some thousands in a month will not cost much to a company. I know even no daily paper is given to employees in some companies. They feel the work will be held up if they involved in reading.

If the management not wants to change the mentality, then people will change their job.

So, think and work and grow as a tree not as a plant. This is current scenario.

  • Vinoth