The working atmosphere is quite different from individual prospective. Many companies are very restrictive in utilizing the skills of employee. Only human being can think, innovate and enjoy. But, a workplace is not for all these things. A person who is work for the company should work around the clock without any thing, without any innovative ideas and not suppose to enjoy the work.

If you try any one thing, Say if you start to enjoy the work, the people around you cant tolerate it. Though they are working along with you, it is not affordable by them. Even sometimes, work are routine. You cant even think about anything in the time of work. You cant think of your career, your desired profile, current profile, positive thoughts. Yes, even positive thoughts about work itself not fruitful for some persons. If a person becomes a leader in a office, he thinks his subordinates are not so worthy and should not think much. They think that they have to lead the path with their commands in the group. There is no smooth relationship framed by them. They normally like to be lonely and work as a watchdog. They are not ready to give smooth atmosphere with good thinking, innovative ways and small enjoyments. Even small enjoyments and celebrations make things smoother. Say for example complete a job within the timelimit (dont say that its his duty) though it is his duty give a small pen as a reward and cut a cake in the team for celebrating the same will make the group of people happy and definitely the work will be more smoother than existing. It will change the work culture itself.

But, we have no idea why in major offices in India having great people at top with bad things in their mind. If it is a family, beyond some limits the persons enjoying differently in their ways. Housewife grouped into neighbors, children will combined with the neighbors children and their school /college friends. But only in office the people with different age structure unites for a reason. So, it is a social place like Facebook or Twitter. At least in social networks people with same mindset can share their thoughts. But the office is a place where the majority rules and minority ignored. Normally the people in entry and middle level will be in their beginning of career and they need good people to mentor them and they will take a leader as example for grow in their career. But not all Great people in top/middle level management have good thinking. Its not blame, its quite natural.

But good thing about the youngest generations that they understand the situation easily and they are self learners. But, it is not enough.

Please think and avoid bad things in your mind if you want to be real Great person.