3 Must follow ideas to save money in your business or personal expense

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You will get useful ideas to save money in your next travel, printing business cards and stationery, online documents in this post. After the reading, get best way to save more money.

Do you know in regular activities itself, we can save extra money. Every money saved is worthy for you. Now, i have gone through some ideas.

  • Save money on stay in travel

When i gone to alleppey some years before, i preferred home stays in that town. I have searched lot of online websites. At last, i got a contact number through a online website which shows various hotels. It is one of few option. Home stay is a nice experience for me. Its a sharing of rooms by people in their homes with homely food. Safety is the only measure we have to verify before stay there. As i have gone as a group it is not a big concern for me.

Now, how to save money. It is cheaper than hotels. You can stay as a package. Even group of people can share a big room. Now a good website for people stay longer and cheaper. Stay tuned up to the end of this post to know about that.

  1. Get at cheaper rate, when compare to hotels
  2. If it is for long stay, home stay option can be used
  • Save money on print documents and post

Think about the situation, when you want to take college projects, have to no time to go and print. When your parents forget to take return tickets of their journey, you have no choice to help them. It is a new thing for me when i got a situation to take printouts of my subject which is rare.

I gone through various websites. The idea behind the website is we have to upload the document and they will print and send to the address we mentioned. The charges are nominal and couriers charges are to be paid additionally.


Savings on money

Now you can use online service. Useful websites to take printouts and send to people. May be this is new to you.

  • Save money on print business cards

Now doing small business, is easy. Business cards is the first stationery to be printed. How long it takes to design it. When my friend starts the business, he asked the many details with me. He need lot of information like logo,font, how it his name etc.

Cards to design

Now the business stationary designing and printing become online and more easy. You can design on your taste. I am very much interested in this and i have designed myself. See some of them.

Websites referred

Now useful website explained in this post. Just click and visit once to get an idea.

  1. Airbnb.com – Online portal for home stays

  2. Printerplug.com – Print documents online

  3. Vistaprint.in – Design and print business materials


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