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Little about Vinoth

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I am vinoth, a finance professional from South India. I am interested in helping people to earn more. I have written books for investing, earn more money, do business.  I have guided many people in their career. I have struggled to get more freedom from financial life from my first job. Now, i am very clear and have goals for my success. I thought it should be given to people in correct manner to make them rich by earn more in his/her career or business or side income. Viola! you are now seeing this website now.

I will keep you engaged in doing best things in upcoming months. Great to see your presence.

How i can help you – through Apps


App for business

I am interested in develop many apps for you. Android and iOS apps. Now i have given many ideas in that. One by one i am trying to implement and develop the apps.

” Good app is an adventure from design to publish ” – Vinoth

  • Android app -Learn FiCo

Now i have an app for SAP FiCo ERP users. You can download the app in android app store. It is more useful.

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Best way to connect with you is Books




Success books are my hot topic. Books makes you more clear on ideas. You can get good books online in amazon kindle ebook store in which i have also written some books and published.

Books makes a man perfect when he follows the principle he got from that.


So, teach yourself good habits and principles with good books.


Ebook on success
Ebook on success

First step book on amazon kindle store

Get the success guide to life and business with the first step. It is a wonderful book in short explain you to make goals and steps in make it success.

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