File income tax

Easy way to file income tax return online for salaried employee

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Sasha who is working in IT company Bangalore said  ” What it is? I do not know how to file the IT”. But once i informed her the simple procedures she said ” I done with 15 minutes ya… I am great…”

Great to see the happiness in her face. I like to see the same happiness in your face.

File income tax
Easy way to file income tax Designed by Freepik

Pre Requisites for new tax filing

If you have not registered for file the income tax return in India, then go to to register your mobile number and email ID. Your login will be PAN number and date of birth should be the date in PAN card.

Before going inside the website you have to be ready with following details.

  1. Update your PAN card in Bank account
  2. Take the Bank account no,Bank name, IFSC code and Branch details
  3. Your PAN number, Date of birth and password of in the Income tax website
  4. Check Form26AS – Tax credit report
Useful articles to read : 

Step by step guide efile income tax return online.html

Easy ways to file return

Income Tax website :

Go to to file the return. Salaried employees has to select ITR1 return and has to enter some of the details.

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Income from salary
  • Deductions
  • Tax paid details

Thats all. Your income tax return filed.

Clear tax website :

Cleartax website is a good initiative for individuals to file return without much hustle. Even Chartered Accountants also can use to file the returns of their clients.

If we your not so clear about Form26AS but got a form16 received from your company. Then, better to use website.

Cleartax referral

Some useful features in clear tax website is

  • Income tax statement will be prepared automatically if you upload form16
  • House rent allowance will be computed automatically
  • Your report on income tax computation can be downloaded for feature reference

I have a referral to you. If you create a login using this referral i will get a minimal amount from the website. Just click Cleartax referral and join.

Hope it help you.

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After income tax filing
happy young woman holding files for incometax-Designed by Freepik