For describe the pivot table , I have given sample data. Just go through first

200 VIJAY 8805
201 RAVI 7226
202 ANAND 5268
203 ANAND 2884
203 SUJHAI 6056
203 KUMAR 3386
201 RAMESH 6980
201 ASHOK 3635
200 RAMESH 9878
202 SUJHAI 8482
203 VIJAY 3805
204 RAVI 4345
205 KUMAR 6430
206 SURESH 2980
210 ANAND 3215
210 SURESH 2458
209 ANAND 7471
208 RAMESH 3958
207 KUMAR 3280
206 SUJHAI 2850

While go through you found there are three columns namely DISTRICT, SALES REP NAME, SALES.

To find out who is making more sale, follow the steps

1. Select the data to analyse from A1:C21

2. Goto Insert menu, select Insert Pivot table

3. It will show a menu

In table range, it showing as Table1 as we already selected the range. We can change the data selection also.

Choose new worksheet, for convenient . You can use existing worksheet also, but you have to give the cell reference.

4. Then the screen shows

Just drag Sales Rep Name into Row labels and Sales into Values

Now, see the data are sorted and summed in the sheet. It gives data in meaningful way very beautifully.

See, if you want to check in which State having more sales, Then remove sales rep name and insert District into the Row labels.

Even, we can do, Districtwise, Sales rep wise as follows

If you drag the District into column labels, then it shows beautifully

This is very simple to use.


Hope it is useful to you. I will post more in coming days. I suggest you to give comments on this article along with your requirements and suggestions to develop into good article.

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