Google having documents, see, which is free to use and more flexible.

Through google documents, you can add data from anywhere and get all data in single file. Just think, if you have sales representatives through out the country and they will use their mobile phone or laptop to update daily collection, sales and customer feedback. How it is more useful to you to get a summarized report from the data at a same time once they entered. Fabulous. Once it is strutured correctly and securely, then activity analysis is very easy and costwise so cheap for a company. Even a small distributor below Rupees 10 lakhs turnover and having network of sales and distribution in more than two places , can use it without any additional cost for software.

I hereby given you the excel with forms – to create feedback through sales representative for proper distribution

1. First select – create new form

2. A separate window will open

3. Just add the following text / option box

a. Name of the customer

b. Invoice No

c. Date of receipt of goods

d. Whether reached before agreed delivery period

e. How is the service rate it

Once it is created, save it (it will save automatically in regular interval). The backend of the data will be stored in excel format.

The data can be entered by various people. For that you have to get the link of the webpage having this form and show it in your webpage. Once entry made, it will be stored in google excel.

It is quite useful.

See the final output form, in which the user has to enter details

Even you can email the form to the persons to whom you want reply. You can authorize the person email ids . This is helpful for security of your mishandling of the form.

In the excel you can fetch data and can analyse the same. We can also download the same in your computer as excel file.

Dear reader,

I have given the short brief for the understand basically. Hope you enjoyed and liked it. Kindly send your suggestions to vinodkumar2001